What Losses Incur in the absence of the Digital Estate Plan

[clocr_post_category] Driven by digitalization impact, most people hold an equal amount of digital assets compared to physical assets. With advancements like cryptocurrency, bitcoin, digital currency, digital wallets, and digital financial assets, the management of digital assets has become crucial. As people are very careful about their online lives and to secure digital assets, people have […]

3-Reasons for not putting off your estate plan

Estate planning can be a positive experience with the right resources. It’s not fun, but it’s best to take care of your estate planning now to avoid the otherwise inevitable burden on your loved ones. It’s a precautionary step you should consider sooner than later. https://business.financialpost.com/personal-finance/taxes/three-reasons-why-you-shouldnt-put-off-your-estate-planning

Arizona State’s Revised RUFADAA Bill for Digital Asset Management and Disclosure

[clocr_post_category] On May 11, 2016, the legislature of Arizona state ratified the revised version of RUFADAA law. This law facilitates to efficiently manage digital assets and records under a lawful framework and to draft the digital estate planning process. This law ensures a hassle-free process for disclosing digital assets to the fiduciaries under a legal […]

Not to Miss Barriers to Planning Digital Assets!

[clocr_post_category] Digital estate planning is focused on safeguarding digital assets and securely hand over to your dependents. Comprising digital assets in digital estate plans is a comparatively new phenomenon, and several barriers make it complicated to plan. To assist regarding complete information about the barriers to handle the digital asset planning, here are the aspects […]

How Businesses Can Handle Data Breach Attacks in a Better Way

[clocr_post_category] Better Ways to Handle Data Breach Attacks for Businesses With most cyberattacks incorporating advanced technologies, like AI, from large scale enterprises to Small or Medium Businesses (SMB), no business is an exception from data breaches. The cyber-attacks are so intense that in the year 2015, the CIA chief John Brennan’s personal email was hacked […]

Best Practices for Preserving Family Documents Online

Family and personal documents get lost in large numbers every year. It’s only essential that people develop healthy habits of storing family documents. For example, in the US, 300 000 passports are lost or stolen each year. The situation is no different in Malaysia. More than 80,000 passports were reported lost in 2018. Identity theft […]

Does Your Family Need a Digital Archive?

[clocr_post_category] Taking It Online In this day and age, you do most of your work, communication, and even social connecting online – so why should something as important as your family, estate, and medical documentation be stored on paper, vulnerable to be lost, damaged, or destroyed? The more logical approach is to keep every important […]

Step-by-Step Process for Creating a Digital Estate Plan

[clocr_post_category] With the adoption of digital technologies in our daily lives, digital assets have continually become more prominent, increasing the importance digital estate planning. The Digital estate plan permits you to properly organize your digital assets and ensure that these are handed over to your dependents or loved ones. Though digital estate planning is important, […]

Why Digital Estate Planning Matters to You

[clocr_post_category] What is Digital estate planning? Digital estate planning assists you to accurately plan, organize, and document your digital assets or properties at a secured location so that they can be handed over to your designated decedents after your death. This helps you to plan and organize your digital assets and build last will in […]