Frequently Asked Questions

Business owners can impress customers, improve loyalty, and make money by offering Clocr Family subscriptions. Whether you are a senior living facility owner, a realtor, a CPA, an estate lawyer, or an insurance agent, Clocr wants to work with you and be part of your success. Ask us how we can help you at
Clocr Enterprise is a cloud-based service. If you are a business owner who deals with lot of documents, you can use Clocr Enterprise to store and share with your clients or partners.
There is no software to install, no need for training, and better yet, no exorbitant fee. Unlike a corporate collaboration platform that requires hardware, installation, setup customizations, and an army of people to run and maintain the deployments, CLOCR is a cloud-based service (Software As A Service or SaaS) that is ready to serve you in minutes. We offer a concierge service to Clocr Enterprise customers. Ask us how we can help you at
CLOCR offers a purpose-built platform that simplifies and optimizes your interaction with your customers. CLOCR is not a generic, one-size fits all, file sharing platform where you get lost in the folders, documents, contacts and email messages. Clocr offers a proprietary, patent-pending security platform that keeps your documents safe.
CLOCR provides your organization the visibility and protection you need for your sensitive content. CLOCR is hosted on world renown cloud providers that have built-in security practices. We use Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit encryption for all the files you store in CLOCR by default. CLOCR offers an Ultra-Security model that shreds and stores each shred on a different drive. This provides additional layers of protection that is not offered by any other vendor in the industry.
CLOCR uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the preferred cloud provider. CLOCR application is hosted on AWS cloud in the U.S.
CLOCR, INC is a Delaware, USA-based company.
CLOCR, INC is a Delaware, USA-based company.
Yes, we do! Please contact our sales team at for more information.